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Friday, February 3, 2023
Letter to the editor: Re: Anti-immigration posters


Dear Editor,

As a Christian leader in NOTL, representing a large faith community that lives, works and worships in this region, I would like to say to the people who have felt themselves targeted by the anti-immigration posters that have been placed around town: the opinions and attitudes presented in those posters do not reflect who we are or what we believe. 

The congregation I am involved with, where I grew up, was formed by people who came to Canada thanks to immigration policies that welcomed newcomers who were looking for a safe place to raise families, and work for a better future; people who had experienced the trauma of war and oppression, and the distress of poverty. I myself came to Canada as an immigrant, and am so thankful that this country, this community, made room for me to be at home. 

What we have been so richly blessed to receive, we will most certainly not deny anyone else solely on the basis of their skin colour, clothing style, or religious beliefs. We welcome as our neighbours anyone who seeks a place of peace, security and friendship. It is our congregation’s desire and mission to share peace and love in our community, just as others shared with our people when we were in need. You are welcome here!

Renate Klaassen
(Associate Pastor)

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