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Niagara Falls
Saturday, April 20, 2024
Letter to the editor: Re: Lets eradicate hate speech


Thanks for bringing attention to the hate speech posters that are placed throughout the town. I first noticed them while walking around Old Town in the summer of 2017 at the Queen Street post office (when I first moved to this region). I was so offended by the posters and would tear them up and throw them in the garbage, but they just keep going back up.

I’ve since moved to Virgil from Old Town and continue to see these posters placed around town. I always thought, “Doesn’t anyone else notice them besides me? Why are these posters still allowed to be placed everywhere? Who is responsible for monitoring what gets posted and finding out who the poster is?”

I thought Niagara was a welcoming place, but I don’t feel that way now, since seeing those posters on a regular basis. I really believe these posters are considered hate speech even though NRPS doesn’t believe so. Maybe they need a non-white officer to review these posters to determine if it is considered hate speech. I mean, how can a white person understand how it feels to be on the receiving end of these hate speech posters? Is this a case of white people not acknowledging their white privilege?

How nice is it to be white and walk around town without being exposed to those hateful posters, without being treated differently based solely on your skin colour?

I’d like NRPS to give their definition of what constitutes as “hate speech.”

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