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Monday, April 15, 2024
Letter to the editor: Potholes, potholes, and more potholes


Dear Editor,

Every year we see those gaping holes in our roads and if we miss seeing one or two we end up with a bent rim or an out of aligned front end and further damage to both front tires. Then we see the repair team out filling in those holes and then tamping them down with a shovel or a metal stamper. Neither of which keeps the asphalt in the hole for more than a couple of days. It usually ends up on our tires or on the sides of our cars. Whatever happened to the steam roller they used to use to get the holes filled in to last. They used to put hot tar in the hole before putting the asphalt in. Then the heavy roller would role it flat and voila! The hole was repaired and it lasted.

Tom Thornton

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