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Sunday, April 14, 2024
Letter to the editor: Re: Stop spending bad money


Mr. Harley,

I was very disappointed to read your editorial in the Feb. 21 edition of The Lake Report. I find it totally defeatist and assumptive.

You assume that because Marotta says he will sue the town for legal fees and that he has multiple court cases that he is going to win. What if the town wins? Can we sue him for court costs?

Marotta has no concern for this town or any other. All he is interested in is how much money he can make from this, stay a short while and then move on to his next victim. I would not be surprised to see him sell the winery once he has milked this town for all he can get. If you read the advertisement on the Solmar website for the John and Victoria properties, it talks about all the things that give this town the reputation that it has and which his developments will eventually lose for us all. In the article about legal fees he talks about leaving a legacy.

I believe Trump is leaving a legacy too. Look on the internet for reviews on Solmar. His bullying tactics remind me of our friend south of the border. He is constantly saying things that he will do unless he gets his way with the assumption that he will be able to do those things.

The best way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him.

We should all be encouraging people not to attend Two Sisters winery. There are plenty of other wineries that are just as good and much less expensive.

As a town we need to stick together, support council and show a united front. We need to seek support from the provincial government and any where else we can find it.

Despite all the people he claims support him the vast majority of NOTLers don’t. Again, following the Trump lead he keeps repeating things with the theory that by doing so people will believe it.

Had we followed your advice in 1812 we would now be flying the Stars and Stripes over the town.

If we don’t stand up to him this town will lose its special character which bring the tourists to town and of course the economy that flows from that.

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