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Monday, April 15, 2024
Letter to the editor: The Lake Report is my paper


I appreciate our local paper. What a comfort, in this age of fake news, to be able to read something and know the newspaper office is literally around the corner, and that the people who live around another corner are the editor and the writers.

The Lake Report has become our local paper.

I have contributed to the community page regularly since the beginning. I appreciate the support of the staff at the Lake Report. Except the two times we got bumped, first by a blackberry photo (not even a very popular fruit) and then by a humongous scene of the week photo.

Still, The Lake Report, has been a perfect match of interest with Niagara-on-the-Lake.

With the closure of the Town Crier and the regionalization of the Niagara Advance, The Lake Report was here publishing — everyone involved learning lots … If you were planning your own newspaper this experience would be invaluable.

To this end I would like to announce the launch of my own local newspaper. It will be called the Local Loyal Lake Report. My format is simple, a weekly paper focused on the bathrooms of Niagara and four pages dedicated to obituaries.

I expect a high level of support and participation by the community. I’ll expect an annual subscription from everyone who lives in NOTL.

Delivered weekly, to a puddle near you.

I heard a rumour the Scene of the Week guy is also a launching a local, all photo format weekly. The readers may be able handle four local newspapers but the small businesses may fast exhaust fatiguing advertising budgets.

We are a vibrant community and as a reader I welcome any group taking the risk of publishing a local paper. I’d read them all. However, launching the Local Loyal Lake Report in the wake of participating in the successful launching of the Lake Report would appear disingenuous.

This is a quality suspect in a purveyor of legitimate news.

Please find enclosed partial payment for the first year editions of the Lake Report. Subscribing is a good way of showing support of this publication. I challenge readers to purchase past editions as a way of showing loyalty to our only current local newspaper.

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