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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Letter to the editor: Canada Post


Clearly the dog and pony show over the past year which Canada Post calls bargaining is anything but.

The majority of the blame which got us to this strike situation falls squarely at the feet of the government.

You probably think I am radical union member, anything but.

I am a retired former Chief Executive and Business Owner with over 40 years international management experience in multi plant engineered product manufacturing. Accordingly I have, during my career, direct hands on union negotiating experience with various unions and feel qualified to comment on the current strike.

To claim that negotiations have been going on for the past year is a farce, except from the government point of view who, like typical politicians, have difficulties making decisions, and typically procrastinate and committee to death , the most simplistic of decisions. Better to kick the can down the road.

Common sense alone tells the public that you cannot conduct serious good faith contract negotiations for over a year.

Negotiations is like a successful marriage, there are lots of compromises along the way. Neither party walks away getting 100% of what they want , however both parties should walk away feeling good about the final agreement.

To achieve such a result you must first respect the views and feelings of the opposite side. I strongly sense that Canada Post is void of this basic practice and in fact have no respect for their dedicated employees  — therein lies the stalemate which so regularly condemns  these negotiations to failure from the outset.

What to do.

First, I would oust  the labor minister and numerous members of Canada Post, they have demonstrated a lack of leadership in the past year and have proven to be totally incompetent and lack the skills to successfully conclude any future union contracts, in a timely manner. Hire experienced  talent with an ear to listening and the ability to conclude a new agreement, long before the old contract expires. Yes they have to be tough negotiators, but not like Donald Trumpt,  my way or the highway.  the Canada Post team is like Trumpt , bully the opposition into submission — a surefire recipe for failure and relations going forward.

This strike should never have happened. I have always found the unions tough but fair given you reciprocate and treat them fairly and with respect —  Reciprocity works.

Canada Post has purposely dragged out the negotiations for the government to intervene.

Now we have the government involved, god forbid, and the senate posturing like they are relevant.

What a mess.