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Sunday, April 14, 2024
Letter to the editor: One residents ideas for the old hospital


The elections are over and we now have a new mayor and a number of new council members. During their campaigning I made a suggestion to a couple of prospective council members that I believed would be both beneficial and profitable for our town and its citizens.

The old hospital, which I believe the town now owns, should be put to good use to benefit our seniors and the town as a whole. Council should consider giving this building a face-lift keeping with the architecture of this beautiful town, and a complete restructuring that would enable it to have a number of one and two-bedroom condo units for our aging population.

Our aging population faces a major problem. We’re reaching an age where we no longer can remain in our large homes, but wish to remain in our beautiful town. The big problem is the availability of senior’s accommodations at this time. There just isn’t a solution at this time to meet the growing need.

Having this new residence (similar to The Henley in St. Catharines) would be of great interest for these seniors.

There are two possibilities for the old building. One would be a rebuild and redesign of the existing building, the second would be to demolish the building and build a new three-floor larger building complete with dining facilities, a walk-in clinic and a workout room. The dining room would be for residents, their guests and outsiders looking for a five-star restaurant without the exorbitant prices of a five-star restaurant. Parking would be under ground for the residents, with a pay section for people wishing to park for the day or for dining.

The sale of these units would be a profitable venture for our town, both in taxes and the profit from these one and two bedroom units. Our aging population are finding it difficult to look after a large house and garden. Having a residence right in town would enable our seniors to attend the Shaw Festival, walk to the stores, and dine occasionally at some of the local restaurants.

We should also look at our empty schools with their large properties, which would allow us to build additional housing for our seniors. These buildings could form a village within our village, complete with gardens and walkways for the residents.

As the mayor and council members begin the process of re-establishing the new town planning process, they will need to put in place a plan that includes multiple accommodations for our senior citizens. Now is the time to look at all possibilities. Thinking outside the box is a must if our town is to maintain its beauty and meet the needs of our seniors.

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