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Sports: NOTL softball registration to begin Feb. 10
Registration for NOTL softball will open on Feb. 10. Molly Bowron

Parents will be able to sign their kids up for NOTL softball soon.

On Feb. 10, online registration is scheduled to open for kids ages three through 14, and, if there’s enough interest, for ages 15 to 18. 

“We’re basically a starter league in Niagara-on-the-Lake just so kids can get started in baseball,” said program organizer Peter Flynn.

This is the third year Flynn has run the summer softball program. Last year, about 120 kids signed up and he expects about the same number this year. 

The Learn to Play division will be for children aged three to six and will run once a week, teaching players the basics of softball. 

“We just keep them active and busy doing those skills, kind of designed for their age group to get them interested and just out and about,” said Flynn. 

The coaches pitch group will be for ages seven to 10. 

“They get five pitches to put the ball into play and we teach the kids the basics of baseball. It’s like a real game,” said Flynn. 

Slo-pitch is for ages 11 to 14, and if there are enough players, there will be a slo-pitch group for kids 15 to 18. 

It costs $150 to register and programs run from the first week of June to around mid-August at the Centennial Arena in Virgil. 

Dates are not finalized yet but Flynn said the programs will run in the evenings either on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Once he knows the soccer program schedule he’ll have a better idea what evenings the softball programs will run. He tries to co-ordinate with soccer so that kids can play both sports if they want. 

The website to register isn’t up and running yet, but those interested can contact Flynn at 905-327-1620.

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