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Monday, February 6, 2023
Return of Strawberry Social a bit of pandemic relief for seniors

Niagara-on-the-Lake’s annual Strawberry Social was back in-person on Monday at the NOTL Community Centre, for the first time in two years.

The social afternoon, which honours Ontario’s Seniors Month in June, invites all NOTL residents aged 65 and up to come out, have lunch and enjoy fresh strawberries.

Because the risk of COVID-19 isn’t completely gone, the event also had a pick-up option this year. Last year it was pick-up only.

“This is the first hybrid event, so we had in-person and pick up,” said Marah Minor,  communications co-ordinator for the Town of NOTL. 

With the pandemic and not being able to have the in-person social last year, Minor said it’s good to be back out face-to-face for those who feel up to it.

“It’s just a (good) time. We have lunch, trivia and it’s just about community — and we are really excited to be back.”

Among the volunteers helping out with the event was candidate for lord mayor Gary Zalepa. He also said it’s nice to see seniors in the community being able to come out and socialize with some fresh strawberries.

“Putting people together, thanking people in the community and enjoying the fact that we have a community that’s tight and people know each other I think that’s what makes a small town so special,” said Zalepa.

NOTL resident Caroll Fanning said it was nice to be out without masks on.

“We can see each other smile and I think that’s the nicest thing,” she said.

St. Davids resident Anne Aurandt, who was enjoying the strawberries and company, echoed the sentiments of the others, that it was just nice to socialize and “to meet all these people and see what’s going on in the town.”

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