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Thursday, March 30, 2023
Parks Canada cutting down three hazardous trees at Butler’s Barracks
The tree removal at Butler's Barracks on John Street. Somer Slobodian

Parks Canada is cutting down three hazardous trees at Butler’s Barracks, a national historic site on John Street. 

The three trees are located near the parking lot on John Street.

A hazardous tree is one that shows immediate threat or potential threat for injury or incident,” Parks Canada spokesperson Julia Grcevic said in an email to The Lake Report. 

“In this case, the hazardous trees being removed are either dead or dying, or were damaged and knocked over during recent storms,” she said. 

The three tress at the site pose a risk to public safety. Parks Canada has hired Arbor Moose Tree Care to remove the trees.

Since Butler’s Barracks is a federally administered property, Parks Canada is not required to submit a permit or notify the town of the tree removal.

Where the cutting is taking place there are no species at risk, and the tree cutting will take place outside of bird nesting season. 

That is to ensure all migratory birds and wildlife are protected, said Grcevic. 

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