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Monday, September 25, 2023
Letter: Pickleball isn’t worth one resident’s discomfort
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

The Lake Report has provided media cheerleading for the Pickleball Club, disregarding the other side of the issue and published a ditty designed to sneer at and humiliate someone, a particular person residing in our community. I am sorry that you felt that it was suitable for this paper. I agree with the comment made in a letter from another reader that this was a form of bullying.

I would like to voice support for the woman who suffered the injurious effects of constant noise from a small group of residents playing a game. It must have been very difficult to bear and even harder to have had to resort to legal action to obtain the right to enjoy peace in her own home. I do not know the resident who brought the action but I felt a great deal of sympathy. 

Those of us who like and need quiet are very much at a disadvantage in the noisy world we now live in. Loud, constant sound is harmful. Almost everyone enjoys a good game, but at the expense of the health and happiness of fellow beings? There are many other active pursuits for health and joy that don’t impose on one’s neighbours, if there are no ways or means to play this noisy game without hurting others. 

We all make moral choices and sometimes they require compromise out of respect and an awareness of justice. 

Christine Earl

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