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Halloween: Candy and costumes galore at Fort George; kids hit the street all over NOTL
Elliot and Renley Don Griot accept glow sticks and bags of candy for showing up in costume to Halloween at Fort George on Saturday.
Louise Leyland, Maureen Hayslip and Tom Pekar helped hand out candy during Halloween at Fort George this Saturday afternoon.
Lydia and Leah Braybrook explored the fort in costume after picking up candy bags during Halloween at Fort George on Saturday.
Nate and Pierce Murdoch in perfectly unmatching costumes during Halloween at Fort George on Saturday.
Renley Don Griot dressed as a fierce lion to pickup candy during Halloween at Fort George on Saturday.

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

All of them were roaming around Fort George on Saturday, as costumed kids did some early trick-or-treating.

Children who showed up at the historic fort dressed up for Halloween between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. received bags of candy and glow sticks from Maureen Hayslip, Louise Leyland and Tom Pekar.

Hayslip, a member of the board of the Friends of Fort George, said there was a great turnout.

“We had at least 30 kids come by (this morning), which is quite nice, and we’re expecting more after lunch,” she said.

After grabbing goodies, kiddos had the option to enter the fort and explore the usual activities during its final weekend before closing for the winter season.

Many families chose to roam around in costume.

Owen Urquhart, who was working the gift shop desk during the festivities, shared his favourite costume of the day.

“There was a little girl in an F1 costume. That one was probably my favourite!”

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