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Glitter galore for Ironwood visitors at celebration of Pride
Ironwood event co-ordinator, Robyn Brown shows off her glitter for Pride.

There was an extra sparkle at Ironwood Cider House on Saturday afternoon, where patrons were taking part in celebrating Pride Month.

Katie Henderson was busy bedazzling faces with glitter at her little booth behind the Niagara-on-the-Lake cider house, ahead of an adult-themed drag show scheduled for the evening. 

Henderson owns and operates GlitterMe Bar, which she says is Canada’s first glitter bar.

Glitter bars, Henderson says, are a popular attraction across the pond in England, where she grew up.

“It takes face painting to a whole new level,” Henderson said.

Several glittery customers milled about the picnic tables behind Ironwood while Angela Saltsman, a teacher visiting from Florida, sat for a glitter bomb at Henderson’s bar.

Saltsman says it’s been “especially hard” to teach in Florida, ever since the State passed the Parental Rights in Education bill, which “prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through Grade 3.” 

Saltsman identifies as lesbian, and says while her sexuality rarely comes up, “I’m not going to hide it.”

Robyn Brown, Ironwood’s event coordinator was one of the more glittery staff members on the Ironwood lawn. 

Sitting with fellow coworker, Devon Ryback, Brown said an unexpected car accident nearby somewhat reduced the amount of business they’d been expecting. 

Ryback, who was joined by her son Easton Grier, told The Lake Report it was important to her he learns that “love is love.”

The sentiment was shared by the operators of the Blue Lady, a food truck that often caters Ironwood’s events.

“Love is love: it don’t matter,” said Greg Mackenzie who operates the Blue Lady with his partner Olivia.

“What two people do, so long as they’re consenting adults, has no impact on your life,” he added.

Mackenzie says his daughter is pansexual and will support her no matter what.

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