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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Exploring Photos 37-43 Queen St., circa 1904
This property on Queen Street is now two stories instead of three and used to be occupied by H.C. Pratt Photographers and the Harrison Miller Company. Supplied

I have not seen a photograph like this one before and I was surprised when I realized it was actually a Queen Street building. Can you pick it out without driving by or using Google Street View? Queen Street has a few three-storey buildings, but they are built with brick or stone. This one is currently painted baby blue and is now a two-storey building. The current businesses there are Old Tyme Candy Shop, Brims & Things and Nina’s Gelateria. Some time since the early 1900s the owners of the property chopped a storey off but kept the decorative roof bracket. This photo features H.C. Pratt Photographers and the Harrison Miller Company, which offered general goods for residents. Harrison later broke out on his own with a hardware store down the street.

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