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Friday, December 8, 2023
Letter: Veterinarian went above and beyond to help ill dog

Dear editor:

This is a dog tale not about a coyote attack but rather a case of food poisoning and an amazing veterinarian who went above and beyond.

One of my Westies, Kiera, licked a few drops of spilled water from some bad salmon on Friday morning and by Friday evening she was deathly ill.

Some wonderful neighbours got me some Gravol but it soon became obvious that was not enough.

I called the emergency veterinary clinic but was told there would be a six- to eight-hour wait, which I could not imagine enduring with the amount of diarrhea coming out of her.

Panicked, I sent an email to my vet, Dr. Stephanie Hall of St. David’s Veterinary Clinic, on the off-chance she might respond. This was a Friday night, after all.

To my surprise and ever grateful appreciation she called me, calmed me down and gave me instructions. It was a brutal night.

Saturday morning Dr. Hall called me again. I think she sensed all was not well because she casually suggested she would be in my area and could she drop by with some medication.

I gratefully said yes.

Upon arrival, after a quick assessment of Kiera, she told me softly but clearly that intravenous fluids were needed and she offered to take her to the clinic right then and there – and said she would keep her for the weekend.

This was definitely above and beyond what anyone should expect from their vet.

St. David’s Veterinary Clinic is not open on weekends and by rights I should have accessed the emergency clinic, but I did not realize how serious things had become.

If Dr. Hall had not made that house call and taken Kiera with her for IV treatment, it is very possible we would have lost her.

Dr. Hall is a true hero in our community. I am forever grateful.

Nancy Barry


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