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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Town received more than 100 reports of coyote sightings in three weeks

NOTL introduces canid management plan to deal with coyotes

The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake has received more than 100 reports of coyote sightings from residents in less than a month, according to its newly released canid management plan.

“It’s intended as a dynamic document (and) we intend to make modifications as we move along,” chief administrator Marnie Cluckie said while introducing the plan to council on Monday.

The plan “is based on extensive research and experience and focuses on effective coexistence with canids,” the document says.

The plan lays out ways for staff to address escalating situations between coyotes and humans, but notes “investigations involving reported wildlife behaviour is highly subjective.”

“Each case involves numerous factors which require appropriate investigation in order to inform staff’s response. Staff are committed to confirming the details and validity of reports prior to pursuing escalated actions.”

The plan updated the town’s bylaw regarding the feeding of wildlife in order to give the municipality more flexibility in charging residents who are doing so. The offence carries a $250 fine and may be increased in the future.

The document says coyotes may have to be removed in certain circumstances.

Cluckie said the plan was made in consultation with experts from several organizations and that the same strategy resulted in improvements in coyote and human relations in Niagara Falls and Thorold.

The plan can be found under the April 25 council meeting agenda on the town's website.

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