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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Letter: We need to do more to stop Russia

Dear editor:

A Toronto Star editorial on March 25 argues that the west must do more than just provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine, an argument I support.

If the west prefers not to act beyond this support, it must at least provide Ukraine with military weapons to stop the destruction and murder or injury of defenseless children and innocent women.

As well, millions of people are being forced to flee their country without knowing where they will go.

Economic sanctions can work in the long term, but not in the short term. The crisis is now. Concrete action beyond rhetoric must happen today. Tomorrow will be too late.

I can understand why the west, especially the reluctant western Europe, does not want a war in its backyard.

The west’s response is shameful in that it was responsible for pushing NATO eastward, moving closer to the Russian border to better protect itself. It seems ready to sacrifice Ukraine for this purpose.

Given its obvious difficulties in Ukraine, it is becoming increasingly clear that Russia would lose a conventional war against NATO.

It is possible that Vladimir Putin would resort to nuclear missiles, which would initially target Poland and Germany, two countries that do not possess nuclear weapons.

Western Europe must therefore accept the fact it must get rid of Russian oil and gas, which supports a militaristic state. The consequences would be difficult but not as deadly as those suffered by Ukrainians.

The Russian war machine and its financing must be strangled. Once Berlin has been immolated by a nuclear bomb, the door will no longer close.

The fate of the planet is in Russia’s clutches. It is time for China and North Korea and the other “allies” to realize these facts.

The world must realize that Russia is ruled by an egomaniac who borders on psychopathy and who had the constitution amended to occupy the presidency of Russia for life.

Gilbert Comeault