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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Letter: Town should conduct proper rainbow crosswalk survey

The following is a letter to Coun. Gary Burroughs, who has expressed concerns about the rainbow crosswalk proposal.

As one of my representatives on council, I am requesting that you present, on my behalf, the following proposal to council.

Recent reporting notes Coun. John Wiens indicated the town's diversity, equity and inclusivity committee wants public consultations on the matter of the rainbow crosswalk locations and benches only – but no public input on approval of the crosswalk idea. 

How do they plan the public consultation, another Mickey Mouse slanted, unscientific survey? There appears to be an urgency, like the approval, to ram the location selection through. 

My sense of the public's opinion of this matter is they are not in favour of the crosswalk. I am neutral on the crosswalk proposal and will live by the majority decision.

If the council, the LGBTQ+ community and the diversity committee are so convinced the majority of the residents are in favour of the crosswalk, why do they fear a vote so much?  I think we know the answer.

Accordingly, if the committee is serious about public consultations on the location, let's organize a serious survey, and use this opportunity to afford the public their input on a Yes or No vote – in favour or against the crosswalk. No more condensed surveys which included out of town residents .

My proposal is as follows: Establish a date for the public consultations; select perhaps three locations for the survey (the community centre, Virgil arena and the Lions Club in St. Davids; advertiise the date and locations; format the survey (or consultations) by asking “Are you in favour of a rainbow crosswalk? Yes/No; If Yes, select one of the following locations (Queen at Mississagua, Wellington at Picton, King and Ricardo near Queen's Royal Park, Niagara Stone Road near the community centre, or Other.

I ask that all residents and invested parties accept and abide by the results of the consultations. Let's put these issues to bed once and for all. It's the democratic thing to do . 

Samuel Young

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