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Thursday, September 28, 2023
Sono’s cafe victim of break and enter, drive-thru window vandalized

Sono's Cafe in Virgil has again been the victim of a break and enter.

Some overnight between Jan. 24 and 25, a suspect “appeared to attempt to pry open a window at the cafe,” said police in response to questions from The Lake Report.

“The suspect then smashed out the window before leaving the area.”

Mahmoud Sono, owner of Sono’s Cafe, said no money or property was stolen, and that the diner no longer keeps any cash in the register overnight.

The diner had to replace a panel of broken glass at the drive-thru window. Pry marks where the intruder tried to force the window open are still visible.

The cafe was targeted in 2019, with thieves stealing $3,700 and damaging the diner's security system.


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