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Thursday, March 23, 2023
Lake Report’s latest winter magazine is out now

Winter is almost here and with it comes another special visitor's guide published by The Lake Report.

The 64-page glossy magazine, “NOTL: A Guide for Distinguished Explorers,” will hit the streets on Friday, in time for the Candlelight Stroll. It will be available at Niagara-on-the-Lake businesses, shops, hotels, B&B and other attractions.

Pick up a souvenir copy around town or view it online at lakereport.ca, the website where we archive all our published editions.

This year's issue of features loads of things to do in NOTL this winter, while promoting local businesses and attractions.

The magazine also includes a front page and feature section highlighting the Landscape of Nations memorial at Queenston Heights.

The front page, created by designer Luke Archibald, depicts Maj. John Norton, a Mohawk chief who was integral to the British victory in the Battle of Queenston Heights, alongside Maj.-Gen. Sir Isaac Brock.

The contributions of Indigenous allies like Norton and his warriors have until the last few years gone unrecognized for the crucial role they played in the War of 1812 — a war that if not won, might have meant Canada would not be the country it is today. As a tribute to our Indigenous allies, we wanted to highlight Norton and the Landscape of Nations memorial that recognizes the importance of the roles of those allies, as well as the importance of Truth and Reconciliation with our Indigenous neighbours.

And, of course, we're excited for the winter season, too.

Some people see the winter as cold, wet and dark. But if you look around, it’s not hard to lift the veil. We see the brightness of Christmas lights. We feel the warmth of holiday spirits.

We sit back and enjoy a dry cider or glass of wine, and we know — there’s no better time to let all of your worries fall into the background, to put your feet up in front of a hot fireplace and sip a mug of warm cocoa; or to cuddle up in a blanket with a loved one.

With this special Winter Edition, we welcome visitors to our town to experience what we’re so fortunate to take for granted. This is our home.

But it’s not just ours and we're happy to show it off, because Niagara-on-the-Lake is simply one of the finest places on the planet to immerse yourself in the winter season.


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