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Sunday, February 5, 2023
Letter: Town didn’t close NOTL schools, hospital

Dear editor:

This letter is in reference to Samuel Young's Oct. 21 letter to the editor headlined “Rather than fight developers, work with them.”

He makes reference to our visionary elected officials closing our high school, Parliament Oak Public School and our hospital. Town council cannot be blamed for those closings.

I choose not to get involved in his message that our council should make things easier for developers in the face of progress, but to point out that many years ago it was the District School Board of Niagara that closed our high school as well as Parliament Oak school, both against large opposition by the residents.

As for our hospital, it was the Niagara Health System that withdrew its services.

At that point our council stepped in and bought the building in order to have a home for our doctors.

Luba Fraser

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