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FUTURE VISION: Part 6: A retirement village on old hospital site

We asked readers for their suggestions regarding what should happen to the old Niagara-on-the-Lake hospital site. With its prime location and history in town, the municipality is going to consider formal plans for its possible redevelopment. Here is another idea from a reader.

Lois Stevens
Special to The Lake Report

What is needed in Old Town?

Do we not have enough commercial and retail establishments to attract tourism?

Parking will always be in demand but only for about six months of the year during the tourist season.

There are no doubt numerous and wonderful ideas for the future of this historic site, all of which would be wonderful contributions to Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Living here for 14 years has shown me what is lacking in this beautiful and privileged village.

Yes, we are seeing tremendous growth for new families and that is what is required to keep this community thriving.

However, what I have seen and experienced is that there is little to offer the long-term taxpayers and aging population of our town.

From my perspective and personal experience, as we age and are finding it increasingly challenging to maintain our beloved home in the town we cherish, there is nothing to offer seniors who would like to sell, downsize and continue to enjoy the amenities of “their” village as they age.

I can envision a seniors retirement “village” for our community to enable residents to continue their lives as they've known them and supported the town for many years whether though annual taxes, local business etc.

We want to still be a community as well as to enjoy the worldwide audience through natural beauty, culture, commercial endeavours etc.

So it is my “vision” to support our seniors, who are increasing in numbers.

We need to allow them to remain in NOTL and continue to enjoy life here, reap the benefits of their work and support for our wonderful town as they progress into “the golden years.”


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