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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Ross’ Ravings: Let’s take the NO out of NOTL

Yes and No.  

These two simple words are ubiquitous in our lives. They can be a subtle way of changing the mood, the attitude and the tone of a conversation or interaction. 

But here in NOTL, let's think about exchanging the word No with Yes, or at least Please. We could be so much more welcoming and warm on Queen Street, to passersby on our sidewalks.

Our universal fight to stop the spread of COVID-19 during the global pandemic, is far from over. Most of us are doing our best to observe the protocols, to stay healthy and protect others. If we carefully and wisely craft our messaging, so much can be accomplished. At no extra cost and to great advantage.

Back in 2002, we were enjoying a family vacation in Florida. Remember vacations? At Busch Gardens in Tampa, we arrived at one attraction and were confronted by a sign, “No Admittance, Construction. Danger.”    

Two days later, at Disney World near Orlando, we arrived at an attraction and were confronted by a similar sign, but it read:  “We Are Working Hard To Make Your Next Visit Even More Magical. Have a Happy Day and Come Back Soon.”

So much can be done with the right words and attitude.

Now, back to NOTL. Last Saturday evening, as three bubble friends and I enjoyed our regular masked, physically distanced and handwashed stroll around town, we noticed the negative tone.

Taped to shop doors and restaurant windows, signs read: No Smoking. No Vaping, No Public Washrooms. No Mask – No Entry. (How about, Please wear a mask.)  No more than 6 allowed in store. (How about, “Maximum 6 allowed in store. Thank You.) Do You Have Any of the Following Symptoms?  Crimestoppers. Face Covering Required. Closed.

The Queenston Golf Course is arguably the best golf value in Canada, along with NOTL Sports Wall of Famer Jack Lowrey's other course in St. Davids.  Perhaps they could soften up the sign by the path to the Pro Shop, which reads, “Leave Promptly After Your Round.”

Yes, yer humble scribbler understands the need to remind people to obey the COVID-19 protocols. But let's be creative and find ways to be welcoming and warm. Our locals and visitors will pick up on the vibe and feel better about life in general.

Now, I have been working on a way to finish this “Less NO in NOTL” story with a memorable ending. I can't quite get it, but want to try. How about adding a “C” after the TL  in NOTL?”  That would give us TLC. Tender Loving Care.

A bit awkward, but I was determined to squeeze it into this fun little story for The Lake Report. 

Let's stay the course as we fight COVID-19. Niagara-on-the-Lake is warming up, the days are longer, and the birds are chirpilly singing that spring is coming.

We are so fortunate to live in Canada … in 2021.