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Art and Found day reaches NOTL

Toronto-born event aims to get more original art into the hands of people everywhere

Jessalyn Duguay
Special to Niagara Now/The Lake Report

If you were out and about last weekend and happened to stumble upon a wrapped-up package, with a note asking for you to take it home with you, then you witnessed a global movement at work.

On Friday, March 12, more than 400 artists across 32 countries participated in Art and Found Day, executing a worldwide plan to take their original art, wrap it up and leave it somewhere public.

The reason? To promote local artists’ work, to help get original art into more homes – and also to just spread joy.

Fort Erie artist Elaine Bryck left some of her work on a bench on Queen Street in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Bryck dropped three packages on Friday, two in Niagara-on-the-Lake right across the street from each other – one outside Brims & Things and the other on a bench outside Cows ice cream shop.

Inside one package was a small, colourful abstract painting done in ink on yupo paper and a handmade card from the artist with an explanation of why the package was left.

“I hope you enjoy it and I hope it makes you smile. Have a great day and stay safe!” the letter says.

Bryck retired almost 13 years ago and has used her extra time to really throw herself into her love of creating art. She has been doing her own art-drops on a near-monthly basis for the past almost two years, so the decision to participate in Art and Found just made sense to her, she said.

“If you can give back to the community that supports you and just make someone's day, why wouldn’t you?” Bryck said.

Art and Found founder Courtney Senior says the concept can give people stories to share for years to come.

“One artist left an art package outside a hospital and the couple who found it had just had a baby,” she said in an interview.

“When they got home, they opened the package and were so happy. It was a picture of a crab and their baby’s room was decorated in an ocean theme. It was kismet.”

Senior started the movement six years ago in Toronto, when she decided to give her art away before she began selling.

“I wanted to get my work out there but was intimidated. So, I decided one day, I’ll just put it on the street and hopefully someone finds it and likes it,” Senior said.

A list of artists around the globe who participated can be found at courtseniorcreative.com/artandfoundday.


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