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Mar. 5, 2021 | Friday
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Letter: In any community, we must accept good with the bad
Letter to the editor

Dear editor:

I read with dismay the story of the Rossiters and their fight to remove a school bus from their vista. Oh dear, ("School bus in driveway sparks neighbourly dispute," The Lake Report, Jan. 21).

City folk move to the country. They move near a pig farm and complain about the smell, they move near a quarry and complain about the blasting, they move near a vineyard and complain about the bird bangers, they move next to a cold storage facility and complain about the air conditioners.  

When we live and breathe within a community, we are part of the community where we reside and should accept both the good and the bad.

Many, many years ago, we moved to Queenston from the city to raise a family. We embraced the community and all that living in a small community has to offer – both the good and the bad.

We also have a condo in downtown Toronto where we embrace that community and all it offers as well including the good, which will again be available when COVID is over (the theatre, the music, galleries, museums, dining experiences, unlimited shopping at the St. Lawrence Market, public transportation at our doorstep) – and the bad (the fire sirens, helicopters, airplanes, pollution, traffic congestion, the city that never sleeps and the unfortunate homeless people who share our community).

It will be a sad day when we are allowed to move into a new community and wipe it clean of all we do not like.

These are our communities – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Donna Lynne Fraser