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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Cool Clothes Collective brings first pop-up to NOTL

It's where garage sale meets flea market meets multiple fashionistas.

Cool Clothes Collective, a group of vintage clothing resellers, brought its first pop-up event to Niagara-on-the-Lake on Saturday, selling a variety of gently-used women's clothing and apparel.

Rachel Racioppo, one of the founders of the collective, said it's a way for the vendors to meet each other and together have a greater impact.

“We are all very passionate about second-hand, sustainable vintage clothing and this was sort of a way where we could all meet each other,” she said.

While all the vendors are doing the same thing, they've all got different products available.

“So we just wanted a space where we could all share what we've got and kind of get to know each other as well,” Racioppo said.

She and her business partner Danielle Dusome both lived in Niagara-on-the-Lake as kids.

“We've known each other since we were five and then she moved to the U.K. when we were kids and she's come back now and so this has sort of burst as a result of her moving back here,” Racioppo said.

She said the two have had a lifelong interest in fashion.

“We've always been passionate about fashion, like even as children. We were always wanting to dress like our Groovy Girls and our Barbies, and our Bratz dolls. This is just basically that coming to fruition as adults.”

She said the collective acts as umbrella for similar businesses to stay in touch and support each other, adding they hope to be doing the pop-ups more regularly across Niagara.

Racioppo said there was a good turnout Saturday and anyone who wants to keep up on the next pop-up can check their Instagram account Cool Clothes Collective.

“That's sort of how you can keep up with all of us and where we'll be doing more of these. I hope to do more soon, weather permitting and COVID permitting, of course.”

The group also operates a booth at the St. Catharines Factory Outlet Flea Market on Turner Crescent.

“So we're always looking for more people to come there. It's open Sundays to the public from 9 to 4. And there's so much stuff there.”

The collective is open to anyone who wants to join and be a vendor.

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