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Niagara Falls
Saturday, March 25, 2023
Town says it’s done with Queen Street experiments

The streetside patios in downtown NOTL have been a big hit, but efforts to close Queen Street drew decidedly mixed reaction, the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake says.

The munipality says it has gathered enough information about the various changes it made on Queen Street this summer and is done with experimenting.

Town staff provided a report about the closure to council, which outlined some mixed opinions about the practice.

“Overall, the results of the first survey show more respondents to be supportive rather than not supportive of the first trial closure model details,” the report said.

“Generally speaking, more respondents agreed than disagreed that the temporary closure made physical distancing easier, improved pedestrian safety, increased the desire to visit local shops and restaurants, improved the overall charm and experience of Old Town, made them more likely to return.”

However, of those who identified as living in the area surrounding Queen Street, more respondents said the closure negatively affected their street or neighbourhood.

More people agreed that finding available parking spaces was an issue during the temporary closure.

And the majority agreed outdoor patios improved the overall impression of and experience on the street.

Of those who identified as a store owner in the heritage district, more respondents said the temporary closure did not help their business.

“Survey respondents were asked to provide additional comments regarding the Queen Street pilot program, should they feel so inclined. Text comments were fairly polarized and revealed passionate opinions on both the supportive and non-supportive side of the spectrum,” the report said.


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