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Niagara Falls
Saturday, March 25, 2023
Council doesn’t want Pedal Pub’s licence renewed

Niagara-on-the-Lake councillors are unanimously against allowing the controversial Pedal Pub to continue operating in town.

“We asked the region not to issue a licence due to safety and noise issues pertaining to the town,” Lord Mayor Betty Disero said.

Council recommended that Niagara Region not renew the Pedal Pub’s licence when it expires Aug. 28.

Disero said there has been a lot of resident feedback about the operation and some of those complaints included noise.

Part of the problem is that council could not find a route that would satisfy the region’s road safety requirements, or that would ensure the Pedal Pub wouldn’t impact the quality of life for residents.

Coun. Norm Arsenault said he has nothing against the business.

“I think there’s a place for it in certain areas. Young adults actually enjoy it very much. I’ve seen many comments to that effect. However, I have some serious concern about the routes that are going through town … somewhere between 10-15 km/h maximum … it’s a real safety issue. I am not in support of continuing this business in town.”

He said there are “better places” for the business to operate.

Coun. John Wiens said he also didn’t approve because of safety and noise worries.

“The noise, the singing — I think it’s not appropriate. I’m a big no.”

Coun. Allan Bisback asked if the decision opens the town up to any potential lawsuits but interim CAO Sheldon Randall said he wasn’t sure.

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