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Saturday, November 26, 2022
Town spending $300K to protect Dock Area shoreline

After persistent lobbying by Dock Area residents, particularly engineer Ron Simkus, Niagara-on-the-Lake council last week agreed to spend $300,000 to forge ahead with a project to protect the shoreline near Ball’s Beach Parkette.

High Lake Ontario and Niagara River water levels in the past few years have led to increased erosion in the area.

Because of environmental concerns over fish spawning in the area, there is only a brief period in which the town is allowed to work in the water near Ball’s Beach.

Large anchor stones will be installed to form a groyne  – a low, sturdy barrier built with boulders – to keep the water at bay.

In a letter to councillors published in The Lake Report last week, Simkus warned the period for work on the groyne was closing quickly and the town needed to act.

“The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry permit window for work in the water opened last Wednesday, July 15, and closes Tuesday, Sept. 1,”  he wrote.

Work on  the project is expected to begin soon, with major disruptions for Dock Area residents and the parkette through September, Simkus said.