17.6 C
Thursday, October 6, 2022
Doubles tennis returns to NOTL courts


Larry Mantle

Special to The Lake Report

The season's first doubles matches were played this week at the NOTL Tennis Club, with players strictly adhering to the Ontario Tennis Association's return to play stage 2 and public health guidelines.

Previously only singles play was allowed, under stage 1 guidelines as part of the COVID-19 recovery plan.

On Tuesday, players followed safety protocols that included: entering the courts via the front gate, exiting via the rear gate, playing on one court only, crossing the nets on different sides, maintaining two metres safe distancing at all times on the courts and grounds, serving only with the server's balls, returning out-of-play balls to the server with racquet contact only and liberal use of hand sanitizer.

Some very cautious players wore disposable gloves. Despite all the restrictions and some longer-than-normal hairdos, everyone enjoyed getting back to near-normal. And the rain held off.