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Monday, October 2, 2023
Royal Oak student report: Eco-Warriors declare war on coffee cups.


By Teia and Diego

The Eco Warriors Club is a group of students at Royal Oak who work with our Principal, Ms. Julia, and who want to save the Earth and make our school and community more eco-friendly. One of things we’ve done as a group is a “trash audit” to see what garbage our school creates. The trash that we found the most of was yogurt cups and little things like chips and goldfish containers. The Eco-Warriors noticed that the teachers were creating a lot of waste with coffee cups so we went to Starbucks and bought reusable mugs, then we decorated them and gave them to the teachers. The teachers loved the designs on their new coffee cups and it has made a big impact already!

Our next idea is teaching the school about boomerang lunches. Boomerang lunches are when you bring home what you brought to school with the goal of little to no garbage. We are creating a campaign to teach our classmates and then our goal is litterless lunches — we will let you know how this goes!

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