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Saturday, November 26, 2022
Exclusive: Marotta unveils new Rand Estate designs

A new plan for the Rand Estate has been submitted to the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, The Lake Report has learned.

The new design shows significant changes to the initial building drawings, including a reduction in height to five storeys, which complies with a 2011 bylaw for another proposed hotel on the property.

Developer Benny Marotta, owner of Two Sisters Resorts Corp., the company proposing the hotel, says the revised proposal addresses key heritage benefits and more closely resembles the traditional design approved in 2011. It also better contributes to the cultural heritage landscape due to the reduction of the height, mass and scale of the building, he said in a statement.

Marotta said the hotel now fits in better with the character of Old Town and is “completely re-imagined to co-exist harmoniously with the existing structures on the properties.”

“This revised proposal has a classic and timeless architectural feel and still introduces a hotel and conference centre development within Old Town,” said Marotta.

“The design pays homage to the unique historical and environmental elements of the properties and reinforces the open space character that defines this part of NOTL,” he said.   

He said the artistic renderings of the new design also include a site plan that shows how the hotel will blend in with the rest of the property, including new plans to completely preserve the Randwood house and most of the mature trees, as well as adding “sufficient landscaping” to screen the property from adjacent houses.

Marotta and his legal team have requested a meeting with the town to discuss the revisions and the developer said he is “looking forward to collaborating with the town.”