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May. 25, 2022 | Wednesday
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Study on exercise for older adults looking for participants
Carol Clarke has been taking yoga classes with Bebi for five years at the NOTL Community Centre. (Brittany Carter/Niagara Now)

Carol Clarke has been taking yoga classes at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Centre for the last five years for physical and mental stimulation, as well as to improve her mood and enjoy the company of others, she said.

Clarke, a 63-year-old NOTL resident, said it’s important to maintain physical activity and her yoga classes at the community centre have helped with that. She said she notices a significant improvement in her mood after each class.

“It’s quite calming. It gets you out of the mindset of the busy-busy,” she said.

Sarah Galway, a Brock University master’s student, is looking for people over 60 years old to participate in a study to discover what the effect of a single exercise class in a group setting can have on a senior’s mood.

The research involves two visits to the Brock-Niagara Centre for Health and Well-Being. Participants will fill out a questionnaire on the first visit and take part in a one-hour exercise class on the second.

Galway’s research is under the direction of Kimberley Gammage, an associate professor of kinesiology, and focuses on one exercise session with older adults.

Inspired through the research experience volunteering in Gammage’s exercise lab and SeniorFit program during her undergraduate degree, Galway said she wants to examine group exercise classes because they offer a more cohesive and social environment.

“Most studies in exercise psychology tend to focus on younger populations and involve exercise classes that run for weeks,” she said.

“My study is focused on the effect of a single group exercise on health and mood outcomes in older adults. Recent literature has started to examine effects of one exercise class,” she said, adding that most of that research has been conducted in university populations.

“‚ÄčI am passionate about the promotion of physical activity and truly believe that exercise should be fun,” Galway said.

Anyone interested in participating in the study can contact Galway at or 905-688-5550 x4147, or Gammage at