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Saturday, July 20, 2024
New Year’s Eve parking prices break $40

Niagara Falls is rolling out its new municipal parking plan with New Year’s Eve prices sitting at a flat rate of $40 for the Clifton Hill area and $20 for the Fallsview area.

One parking zone — Ferry St., between Fallsview Blvd. and Victoria Ave.— will cost $100 to park from 4 p.m. until 2 a.m.

The prices hikes come as part of the city's new parking strategy, implemented this month, which allows rates to be changed based on high-traffic and charges users via the parking app Honk Mobile.

The works via license plate recognition so there is no need for a ticket to be displayed and provides directions and traffic notifications.

Karl Dren, director of transportation services for the city, told city council the Honk app is used throughout North America, in various Canadian cities including St. Catharines, Toronto and London.

“It’ll make it easier for, whether you’re a resident, tourist, or whatever … You’re at a restaurant and the meter is running down — and it gives you that information as well — and you can add more time without having to worry about getting a ticket … That’s what honk is about,” Dren said.

Mayor Diodati said it’s “dynamic pricing responding to supply and demand.”

The city will also have the ability to offer parking discounts on special events and days like Christmas. Boxing Day prices were $7 and $10.

The city will also be enforcing a “Safety Before Convenience” policy for the night, in which school zones will be considered high safety risk areas due to an increase in residential and parental concerns. 

Zero tolerance enforcement will be in place for both school zones and the enforcement of parking regulations, including all parking bylaw infractions, such as:

No stopping: The halting of a vehicle, even momentarily, whether occupied or not, except when necessary to avoid conflict with traffic or at the direction of a police officer, is prohibited and an immediate $50 fine will be issued.

No parking: A standing vehicle in a non-designated area, occupied or not, will be considered parking illegally if it is not actively engaged in the loading and unloading of passengers, resulting in a $25 fine.

Drive-off procedures: Those who drive off after breaking one of the bylaws will receive the fine in the mail with an additional fine of $15.

Traffic will be closed on Clifton Hill after 7 p.m.

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