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Exploring Photos: View from the Court House, 1898
A view of Old Town in 1898 as shot from on top of the Court House. SUPPLIED

This photograph from 1898 is taken from the roof of the Court House on Queen Street facing northwest toward Regent Street. On the lower left is the Olde Angel Inn, which was also formerly known as the Mansion House and Fraser’s Hotel. On the horizon, to the left, is St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, which was built in 1831 in the Greek Revival style. At the centre, in the far distance, one can see the Chautauqua Hotel, which was a three-storey hotel built in 1887. Many tourists were treated to poetry, lectures and theatre there. The hotel burned to the ground in 1909. In the centre of the photograph is the rooftop of Grace United Church, built 1852. Isn’t it amazing that 125 years later we can still recognize these existing landmarks?

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