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Thursday, September 28, 2023
Exploring Photos: Caddies at the NOTL golf course
A 1902 photograph of caddies at the Niagara Golf Club.

School’s out and Niagara-on-the-Lake kids no doubt are excited for some summertime fun. This 1902 photograph features the Niagara Golf Club caddies goofing around near the clubhouse while on their summer break. Local boys in Niagara often found jobs at the club caddying for the wealthy visitors to town. There were two classes of caddies at the golf club. The “first-class” caddies, who earned 25 cents per round, had to have good sight, an understanding of the game and the course, and had to be well-behaved. The “second-class” caddies, who earned 20 cents for each round were required to be well-behaved and were only expected to carry the clubs. Hired caddies were required to make a deposit of $1 at the beginning of the season to guarantee good behaviour. Enjoy your summer break, kids.

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