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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Exploring History: Queen Street, 1873
NOTL Museum photo.

This 1870 view of the south side of Queen Street shows, from right: John Lees Alma’s upscale grocery and wine store, originally built in 1825 for dry goods merchant John Daly; an early narrow frame building, the business of John McMillan and his son Dave; the hotel of James Walsh and his son Frank, which was built c. 1840 as half shop, half house; the Sherlock block, built c. 1850 as two buildings and later joined with a “boomtown” front added to disguise the joining; the Court House, and the oldest building in the commercial area, William Duff Miller’s 1817 stationery shop. The second storey was added in 1855, probably by grocer Henry Chrysler.  Purchased by the LCBO in 1928, the building was restored in 1973.

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