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Niagara Falls
Thursday, April 18, 2024
Exploring History: Palatine Hill
A painting of Palatine Hill home before it burned down in the 1950s. SUPPLIED

In the late 1600s, the Servos family was living in the German Palatinate area. The patriarch of the North American family arrived in the province of New York on the Charlotte River in 1726 with a letter of introduction. During the American Revolution, four Servos brothers remained loyal to the Crown with two brothers, Captain Daniel and Lieutenant Jacob serving with the British Indian Department. They and their families arrived at Niagara as refugees in the early 1780s with only a few possessions. Daniel operated grist and sawmills as well as a general store on the Four Mile Creek, where he erected his home, Palatine Hill. It was the earliest surviving house in Niagara until it burned in the 1950s. The artist insignia is A Wyomch/Cornacehia/1954.

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