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Niagara Falls
Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Exploring History: Navy Hall Inn and Ferry House
NOTL Museum photo.

This is an 1870 sketch of the Navy Hall Inn and Tavern and the Ferry House, which was formerly located near where Navy Hall is today, Ricardo Street, along the river. Note the bluffs on the left side, which show the buildings were along the lower part of the river. It was sketched by Francis H. Granger, who is known for documenting parts of town through sketches and paintings. The Ferry was originally located at the mouth of the river but in 1823 Andrew Heron petitioned for it to be closer to Navy Hall. Inns were often located along the main routes of a community, so it is no surprise that this one was located by the former Kings Wharf with all the ship traffic of the time. A number of inns in early Niagara seconded as taverns and were often used for meeting places in the community.

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