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Exploring History: King and Queen streets, circa 1910
An image of the town's heritage district before the cenotaph was installed. SUPPLIED

This photograph shows the popular heritage district intersection before the beloved cenotaph was installed. The store to the left is Connolly’s. The signage indicates that it was for jewellery and watch repairs, but Connolly’s was also a general store up till 1961. Fred Connolly once recalled that there was china for sale on one side. His uncle’s store was the first in the area to sell English bone china. The other side, oddly enough, was the ice cream parlour where you could buy cold treats as well as hot dogs. Note the dirt roads with horse-drawn carriages parked along the edges. The railway can be seen along the lower part of the photograph with a wooden walkway crossing King Street. The large brick building to the right is known as Rowley’s block, which was owned by Fanny Rowley, a descendant of a freedom seeker.


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