25.5 C
Niagara Falls
Thursday, June 20, 2024
Golden Plunger: Club 55

Club 55

3 Niagara Stone Rd., NOTL

Even though it was early afternoon when we arrived, the place had a club-like atmosphere. The pub food was hearty, well-priced and delicious. You’ll find Club 55 located where it can be easily accessed from the QEW. They also boast plenty of parking. We can boast about their washrooms. Club 55 has clean, accessible and bright bathrooms. Brightest rooms in the whole place. These washroom facilities have left their exotic past behind and been given a fresh update. They are roomy and an overall good match with the family-owned, live music venue. We were made to feel like valued members. Club 55 restrooms earned their place among our elite Gold Plunger award winners, with 3.5/5 Golden Plungers.

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