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Two St. Catharines residents among first 147 ‘space politicians’

Two St. Catharines locals will be helping shape the future of space law, as members of the elected international Members of Parliament for the “space kingdom” Asgardia.

If it sounds crazy, prepare for a dose of 2018, because it's a real thing — though residents are still on Earth for the time being.

Asgardia is intended to be an off-planet nation with settlements eventually on the moon. The proposed nation already has a satellite in orbit and more than 200,000 “citizens” from more than 200 countries.

The plan, according to the nation's mandate, is to replace “international space law and geopolitics” with “universal space law and astropolitics”  and to “ensure the peaceful use of space, to protect the Earth from space hazards, and to create a demilitarized and free scientific base of knowledge in space.”

The two St. Catharines residents, Mandi Gould and Geoffrey Holmes, are among 147 of the recently elected space politicians. The two will travel to Austria to participate in the first parliamentary meeting and to attend the inauguration of Asgardia’s first Head of Nation at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna on June 25.

Igor Ashurbeyli, who will be inaugurated as the Head of Asgardia, said the goal of Asgardia can be summed up in three words, “peace, access and protection.”

“Access to outer space should be a human right, beyond the control of any Earthly nation,” he said, in a press release.

Six Canadians — Leah Dale, Mandi Gould, Geoffrey Holmes, Derek Newhouse, Jean Philippe Paquette, Patrice Quesnel — have been elected to help carry out Asgardia’s mission.

“The Asgardia constitution was formed on the basis of equality and anyone who adopts the constitution can become a citizen of Asgardia,” said Gould.

Along with the six dignitaries, global officials will also be in attendance to witness the historic event, marking the first commission of leadership for a space nation. 

To become an Asgardian or to view a live stream of the inauguration event, visit: https://asgardia.space/.

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