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Looking to the Stars: Excitement ahead for Venus and Mars

This is the week of the new moon in her home sign of Cancer. It's also the week of the most exciting aspect in astrology – Venus conjunct Mars.

Thursday, July 8: The biggest event today is Venus making a square to Uranus. Just like with Mars, Venus’ T-square with Saturn and Uranus will initially push us outside our comfort zone. As with Mars, Chiron comes to save the day. This back-and-forth process of rewiring our heart to higher frequencies will be extremely healing and cathartic. On July 8, 1834, Frederick Zeppelin was born in Germany. He designed and built the cigar-shaped aircraft which, in 1937, caught fire in New Jersey while attempting to land, The image is well-known for its appearance on the cover of the inaugural album of the British rock band Led Zeppelin.

Friday, July 9: The new moon is in her home sign of Cancer is tonight. New moons are a time to make a list of things we want to accomplish in the next 28 ½ days – between now and the time of the next new moon. The list, this time, will be strongly influenced by Neptune in Pisces, which is in perfect harmony with this new moon. Pay attention to dreams and any other unusual communications and put those items on your list. Bill Haley & the Comets’ hit “Rock Around the Clock” was #1 on Billboard on July 9, 1955. Rock and roll is here to stay!

Saturday, July 10: Dreamy and frustrating are not things we usually find together as feelings on the same day, but that’s what we get today. With luck, we can use imagination to resolve frustration. On July 10, 2018, just three years ago, Toronto’s Drake surpassed the Beatles with the most Top 10 singles – simultaneously – on the Billboard Hot 100. Beatles = 5. Drake = 7.

Sunday, July 11: Mercury leaves its home sign of Gemini and enters Cancer this afternoon. Communications (including talking to oneself) go from lively and quick to more personal, emotional and sensitive. This is so until the end of July when Mercury enters Leo. On this day in 1969, David Bowie released his giant hit “Space Oddity” nine days before Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Thirty-one years later, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield performed Bowie’s tune live from the International Space Station.

Monday, July 12: Inspirational ideas and news make this a Monday to celebrate. Today, Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai celebrates birthday #24.

Tuesday, July 13: Venus and Mars meet in the sky in Leo. They attract each other and, as a result of their passion, something new comes into existence. Whether it’s a new life, new relationship or a new creative project, Venus conjunct Mars is our cosmic go-ahead to get our creative juices flowing. Creativity means going back to the source, understanding who you really are – and then simply unleashing your truth, whatever that may be. Harrison Ford is still one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. Today he turns 79.

Wednesday, July 14: With the moon in discriminating Virgo, we might not expect to feel a surprise, but that’s what’s in store, at least emotionally. “Easy Rider,” the Hollywood film that changed Hollywood, directed by Dennis Hopper, who co-starred wiith Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson, was first seen on July 14, 1969.

Next time: Chiron turns retrograde, the first quarter moon in Libra and Venus enters Virgo.

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***Astrology is a form of entertainment, not a science.

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