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Sick Kidz for Sick Kids returns Friday

Get prepared to rock out and have your gut busted for children in need, as the eighth-annual Sick Kidz for Sick Kids fundraiser returns to Niagara Falls on Friday.

The event will start at 7 p.m. at the Falls View Hose Brigade and feature performances by local acts including: Jonah Cappa, Shady Business, The KaC Himself, Mike Lennox, Beyond the Grave and Battered Egos, as well as comedians David Green, Jeffrey Stroop, Jen Meyers and Levi Mann.

Mike “Mikey” Henley, founder of the event, will also make a “cyber visit” from Edmonton, where he’s currently living.

Henley said the night is “all about rockers, rappers and comics coming together to put on a show and raise money which goes directly towards helping sick kids in the community.”

He said Sick Kidz donates 100 per cent of money raised, having gone to supporting kids in a number of ways in the past, including purchasing entertainment packages and musical instruments for various sick kids wards, supplying gym equipment to special needs institutions, and sponsoring wishes through Tender Wishes and Make A Wish programs.

“The money goes ever year to a wonderful program or place that helps sick kids within our community,” said Henley.

He said the fundraiser started as a New Year’s resolution eight years ago, when he vowed to “use his power for good,” shortly after being refused another fundraising job for having a criminal record.

Henley wasn’t having any of that.

“I was fired from a private fundraising group with out having worked a day,” reads a description of why the group was formed, which can be found on the group’s Facebook page.

“When my criminal background check came back, they fired me. I did not lie on my application; I did not lie about my crime when asked. I beat out thousands of people for this job, including six people during the group interview. My personality and credentials spoke for themselves … I am a people person, I love fundraising, I am entertaining.”

So Henley started Sick Kidz, with the goal of donating 100 per cent of proceeds.

Last year Henley expanded the fundraiser to Edmonton.

While he’s in Alberta, Henley has passed the responsibility of running Sick Kidz to a well-known Niagara Falls promoter, Christie Hails.

“I’m honoured to be hosting for Mikey for a second year in a row,” said Hails, whose band, Battered Egos, will be playing the show for the sixth year.

Hails will also double as host of the show.

“As entertainers, we are blessed with our abilities to entertain people, and it is our responsibility to use our gifts to help others when we can,” said Henley.

The Falls View Hose Brigade is located at 5786 Dunn St. in Niagara Falls.

Tickets are $5 at the door.

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