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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
The Golden Plunger: Big Head Wines

Betty & Jane

Plunger Control

Wineries all over the world are embracing the art of drying grapes to concentrate the flavour and structure of the must.

Big Head Wines have been using tobacco kilns. The kilns provide a perfect environment; plenty of ventilation and air-flow and temperatures to slow down the process and prevent rot. Their bathrooms provided the same perfect environment for many of the same reasons. Big Head Wines has a big “head”. You’ll find the roomy washrooms to be clean. The bathroom decor has lace in the curtains and sink skirt complimenting both its country and industrial vibe. A feel common to the whole place. Big Head Wines is moving so we were glad for this timely Gold Plunger experience.

3.5/5 Golden Plungers