10.5 C
Niagara Falls
Thursday, April 18, 2024
The Golden Plunger: Ferox Winery

Betty & Jane

Plunger Patrol

We’d had our eye on Ferox Winery. Familiar with Rancourt winery, we were curious to see what to expect. It did not disappoint. The washroom is located off the small tasting room. Convenient and accessible, it was well appointed. A favourite was the well-designed toilet tissue holder. A very non-complicated slip-on design is preferable to the complicated mechanical triggered holders. No one wants to be in need while the holder requires special instructions to remove the empty roll. After a tasting of Dornfelder Icewine, a rare grape in Niagara, we declared our loyalty. It was fabulous and we became fans. Fans of the icewine and the bathroom.  We had a great visit and Ferox earned itself 3.5 Golden Plungers.

3.5/5 Golden Plungers

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