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Monday, September 25, 2023
Golden Plunger: Teenie Panini

Betty & Jane Golden Plunger NOTL

We went to Virgil looking for a panini. We stopped at a place that promised to have some teenie ones. We didn’t find a panini, large or teenie, but what we did find was an awesome washroom. The bathroom was large, bright and clean. The owners clearly are committed to and had given much consideration to accessibility. In this regard they set the standard. The café is in the old Virgil fire hall, which meant that a lot of prep work went into making the space suitable for a café. They did not skimp on their attention to the safety and accommodation of all their potential guests when they designed the restroom. Everyone was considered in the design of this bathroom and we think it should make everyone feel welcome and confident in using the facilities.

4/5 Golden Plungers

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