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Northern toy maker/distributor takes a break


On the day before spring, on a beach not too far away, Santa Claus was resting and rejuvenating, readying himself to return to the year-long effort to bring joy to people across the land.

For years uncounted, Santa Claus (St. Nick, Father Christmas, Pere Noel and so on) has found a quiet place to rebuild his spirit following the grueling worldwide journey each Christmas. He’s visited almost all the beaches in the world—at least the one’s that are warm during the winter.

“I really need a break,” the jovial red-suited merry-maker, chuckles. “And the elves and reindeer need a break from me, too!”

Santa says it is important that no one knows where he takes his annual post-December respite. “Could you imagine if word got out where I went after Christmas? I would never have any peace,” he adds looking up from his e-reader and sipping from a colourful drink with a parasol.

Santa doesn’t stay away from his northern home for long. Even so, his hundreds of elves get worried they’ll not have enough time to get ready for next year.

“Oh, the elves and the reindeer wouldn’t let me stay longer.” Although Christmas is just 24 hours, it takes all year to get ready.

During his annual round-the-world trek, Santa visits thousands of communities, large and small. But he does have his favourites.

“I shouldn’t say which towns I like best—I really love them all. But one of my favourites is called Niagara-on-the-Lake,” he says. “It is such a pretty little town, steeped in history and everyone leaves me the best treats,” he adds, his big hands circling his ample tummy.

“Wonderful wines and the best butter tarts!”

No one knows just how old Santa Claus is. Google claims that he’s 1,748. But the beachside Santa refuses to state his age.

“It doesn’t matter how old I am. It’s much more important to consider the millions and millions of people who have happier lives, because I come to visit. There is no better feeling.”

As he looks back down again to his reading, he mutters an almost silent “HO HO HO.”

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