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Mendelt Hoekstra
Mendelt Hoekstra has been performing music for more than 35 years. He is a a multi-instrumentalist (including the accordion) and his passion for music is evident to all who see him perform. In Vancouver, Hoekstra busked his way to a music therapy degree from Capilano University and is currently a music therapist in the Niagara Region, specializing in the support of adults who live with a disability. Mendelt has received multiple awards, most recently the 2016 YMCA Peace Medallion and St. Catharines’ 2017 Arts in Education award. Hoekstra is also the originator, executive and artistic director of Momentum Choir, a highly disciplined and professionally facilitated performance choir, comprised of more than 60 adults who live with a disability — it is the first choir system of its kind. Hoekstra regularly presents at conferences and is often asked to speak representing those who have difficulty speaking for themselves. Furthermore, Hoekstra is co-owner of Choir Nation, a Niagara based company that offers a unique community building experience for companies, charitable organizations, conferences and public events. Hoekstra is a trusted voice in the musical community of Niagara.

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Music Momentum: Introducing Mendelt Hoekstra

A note from the editor: Mendelt Hoekstra is very involved Niagara's music community, in more than one way. Not only is Hoekstra a talented and accomplished musician himself, he is a trusted voice in the community,


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