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Dr. Brown — It’s time for universal vaccines for coronaviruses

Evidence from Israel last year suggested the immunity to the COVID virus created by two shots of a mRNA vaccine might begin to wane as early...

Dr. Brown: Antivirals, antibodies, boostersand worries about the coming winter

Remember this time a year ago, all was relatively quiet several months following the opening first surge of COVID-19 in the winter and spring of...

Dr. Brown: Building better proteins and when proteins dont work

Next episode in NOTL library's online Nobel series is Monday, Nov. 22 For Frances Arnold, the question was how to design a better enzyme to break...

Dr. Brown: Physics, physicists, beautyand a Theory of Everything

Of the three Nobel prizes in science awarded each year, my hands-down favorite is physics. Physics covers the really big stuff, such as the origins...

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